Circuit 2: Documentary & Street Photography

Bazurto Popular Market & Getsemaní 

Experiencing another face of Cartagena.


You will learn how to work in Photojournalism, Street Photography, and documentary.

You’re going to skip all fancy lifestyles, we'll be in touch with people, hard workers: fishermen, vendors, popular merchants, and locals.

Photo Opportunities Paradise

It can become a gastronomy experience too, bring some extra cash!  

This circuit is focused on documentary & street photography, here you will:

Interact with local people, learn from their work, and create the perfect atmosphere for taking good photographs.

Learn about the differences in types of photography that share a documentary approach

This is a 5 hours photography tour, starting in the morning from 7:00 to 10:00 am in Bazurto Market (The local popular market) and 2 hours after in Getsemani Hood (Cartagena's traditional and not yet gentrified neighborhood)

This circuit is medium-high intensity, mostly suggested for intermediate photographers and travelers who had experienced a popular market before. The scenery can be chaotic and disorganized.

Depending on the age, physical conditions of the passenger and based on the availability of the photographer; the circuit can be done in phases, Morning time Bazurto, afternoon time 14:00 pm to 16:00 Getsemani Hood Circuit

Modality: Walking Tour

Length 5 hours Min 1 person – Max 6 

Time: 7:00-12:00

Transport Included

Bilingual Host Photographer 

Transport included if your accommodation is around Centro, Getsemani or Manga

Price: $180 US  

Due to the nature and specialty of the products, One day photo tours and medium-length Photo expeditions are for private individuals and groups. In high season months, we will inform you of the options for shareable tours in a reduced group. 

Fill our Special price for private groups, send us your request   Contac Us!